All Hungarian state scholarship holding students with an active status are entitled to an additional monthly scholarship of HUF 40,000.

Depending on their scientific and academic results, Hungarian state scholarship holding students and Stipendium Hungaricum students can apply for the “Excellence+” scholarship of HUF 60,000 or HUF 90,000 if they do not hold an UNKP scholarship.

Applications must be submitted through the MODULO system.

There is only one single application form in the MODULO system, this is to be used for each of the three scholarships.

All active students are entitled to the HUF 40,000 scholarship, but the MODULO form must be submitted for this as well!

However, if you also want to apply for the HUF 60,000 or HUF 90,000 scholarship, this must be marked separately on the form in MODULO and the relevant documents must be uploaded through the form.

Application submission and evaluation process:

  1. Submission period: October 2-16, 2023.
  2. Doctoral schools will evaluate applications by October 23, 2023.
  3. Decisions will be made about the excellence applications (HUF 60,000 and HUF 90,000 scholarship) during October.
  4. The Student Service Office (HSZI) will pay the scholarship(s) to the successful applicants (retroactively for the month of September) as part of the transfer due on November 3.

The evaluation of the applications will be based on the scoring system of the Excellence Doctoral Scholarships. See the scoring system on the Documents page or this link.